The "European Union anti-Phishing Initiative" presented at ICTSpring 2015

The "European Union anti-Phishing Initiative" presented at ICTSpring 2015

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The “European Union anti-Phishing Initiative” (EU-PI) project will be presented during the 2015 ICTSpring Europe conference as a side event on May 20th, from 9am until 11am.

The EU-PI project is coordinated by Cert-Lexsi and co-funded by the Prevention of and Fight against Crime programme of the European Union. “Its aim is to promote Internet users’ civic mobilisation and fast notification of suspicious URLs that are usually linked to phishing. Another goal is also to facilitate the coordination between different public and private organisations willing to fight this phishing phenomenon”, explains Vincent Hinderer, Project leader and cybercrime expert at Lexsi.

The latest data breach investigation report published by Verizon shows that phishing has been on the rise since 2011. Only in France, a total of 40,000 unique URLs have been submitted and confirmed as fraudulent by security experts. Phishing campaigns have also become more sophisticated and are a favourite tactic of state-sponsored threat actors and criminal organizations, aiming to gain access into a network.

Following these facts, CIRCL has created and launched its URL Abuse tool in January this year, which enables to review the security of an URL. “This tool provides users with a preliminary check before clicking or submitting a link to a security organisation. We will present it during the workshop and show some concrete examples”, says Alexandre Dulaunoy from CIRCL.

The workshop will be organized as follows:

  • Welcome and EU-PI project presentation: Vincent Hinderer, Project leader and cybercrime expert at Lexsi

  • Round Table 1: fighting phishing, view from the trenches. Jérome Robert, CMO, Lexsi Bernard Ourghanlian, CSO Microsoft France Hendrik Schimmelpenninck, Fox-IT, member of ECSG

  • Presentation of CIRCL & URL Abuse online tool, Alexandre Dulaunoy, CIRCL

  • Round Table 2: Projects/best practices to fight phishing at the European level (moderated by SMILE/MinECO). Thomas Fontvielle, Signal-Spam Jose Aleman, s21sec, member of ECSG

(other speakers to be confirmed).

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