CIRCL Team Members

You can report incidents via our official contact including e-mail, phone or use the Anonymous reporting form.


CIRCL is accredited TI CIRCL is a FIRST member CIRCL is an OASIS member

Team Members

CIRCL team is composed of competent people, dedicated to their mission of improving security for the benefit of Luxembourg and the companies located on the territory.

A file containing all the PGP keys listed on this page is also available.

Operational Core Team

Name PGP Fingerprint OTR Fingerprints
Cedric Bonhomme 55F5 D60E EFCA 3591 0089 18E7 A1CB 94DE 57B7 A70D CF29F5D1 2779DF53 954435CD F21034A3 82987938
David Cruciani A7C827090996DCB96FC2AF2D8690CDE1E3994B9B  
Alexandre Dulaunoy 3B12 DCC2 82FA 2931 2F5B 709A 09E2 CD49 44E6 CBCD 8605C87A 9DC63D3E 15E5458C 420D96FD AF7E0176
5D9080CA F9E9D39F 8238CD06 6C51BA29 5DA413C6
Michael Hamm 917D 0B62 1E88 BEC1 9081 792B F723 3773 DB0F 8DBD 9B80A58A 0355960F A8E5832E 6FB3B4A5 9266653F
Jean-Louis Huynen F9B0 7EA8 5D7F ED93 535A A51F 6479 9157 F4BD 6B93  
Andras Iklody C0B2 39A5 D5D7 76A8 C2FE 322F BEA2 24F1 FEF1 13AC  
Sami Mokaddem F6D9 8155 94D1 2C13 84B4 4D1F 164C 473F 627A 06FA  
Luciano Righetti 3E2D 042B B38C 5169 34A4 2CDA FB1B AC9A EC8A 387B  
Sascha Rommelfangen 85F1 E6D6 7988 03C6 5446 3133 89F7 60A9 A572 F306 D8EB4C54 C458D87C 3099641D 1C9FC93D A736CAA9
7AF4BC0F 72D8D0EE 9837408F 62DABFFE A7FDC1A9
Deborah Servili CE50 734F DD43 E982 3864 157D 7E3A 8328 50D4 D7D1 EB36D5E2 4049721C 0D0E216B BD35F148 ADD535AB
Christian Studer 64ED D89D 9F0D 1AC4 309C A94B 6BBE D1B6 3A6D 639F  
Aurélien Thirion 0001 ED96 0248 6C26 D551 8351 1E1B 1F50 D846 13D0  
Gerard Wagener 41EC EDCE 3394 E3CE 3A18 98E3 D0EB 697E D81F 0490 3A3D1E35 67111531 60690BA4 A40D5EB7 4F2A7BBF
EEE7C2A4 675A74C6 20DB8558 6802628B 842328C1
Name PGP Fingerprint OTR Fingerprints
Rita Bressanutti 53FD AEB3 E4AA 286A 819C 9B24 052F FBC7 912A 19C9 DF7AFBA5 5ECCCECD 498D8322 4375F1FE 80297C16
Margot Hartman DACE 9456 1FE5 3164 8805 9812 5EBD 1A69 EDDB 2252 N/A
Pascal Steichen D1DF 00E4 A9BD 1649 8A89 F62F 32C9 485E 0549 E7E1