The Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg (CIRCL) is a government-driven initiative designed to gather, review, report and respond to computer security threats and incidents.

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Recent highlights

TR-54 - Sextortion scam emails - I know your password- 2nd August 2018

Meltdown and Spectre Bugs in modern computers leak passwords and sensitive data - 3rd January 2018

TR-50 - WPA2 handshake traffic can be manipulated to induce nonce and session key reuse - 16th October 2017

TR-49 - CVE-2017-7494 - A critical vulnerability in Samba - remote code execution from a writable share - 26th May 2017

MS17-010 is critical and patches MUST BE applied. including EOL Windows. - 12th May 2017

TR-46 - Information Leaks Affecting Luxembourg and Recommendations (regularly updated) - 22nd December 2016

TR-42 - CVE-2015-7755 - CVE-2015-7756 - Critical vulnerabilities in Juniper ScreenOS - 21st December 2015

TR-41 (fr) - Crypto Ransomware - Défenses proactives et réponse sur incident - 1st December 2015

TR-41 - Crypto Ransomware - Proactive defenses and incident response - 1st December 2015

TR-38 (fr) - Attaques visant les solutions bancaires d'entreprise - Recommandations - 28th May 2015

TR-38 - Attacks targeting enterprise banking solutions - recommendations and remediations - 19th May 2015

TR-37 - VENOM / CVE-2015-3456 - Critical vulnerability in QEMU Floppy Disk Controller (FDC) emulation - 14th May 2015

TR-36 Example setup of WordPress with static export Another approach to secure your WordPress CMS - 29th April 2015

TR-33 Analysis - CTB-Locker / Critroni - 18th February 2015

A new wave of crypto ransomware targeting Luxembourg - Une nouvelle vague de ransomware cible le Luxembourg - 5th February 2015

glibc: buffer overflow in gethostbyname - 27th January 2015

NTP (Network Time Protocol) daemon - ntpd - critical vulnerabilities - 22nd December 2014

The SSL protocol 3.0, as used in OpenSSL through 1.0.1i and other products, are vulnerable to critical padding oracle attack - CVE-2014-3566

TR-27 - GNU Bash Critical Vulnerability - CVE-2014-6271 - CVE-2014-7169 - 24th September 2014

CIRCL warns about spear phishing scams targeting corporate executives and their accounting department - 14th September 2014

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