Technical trainings made by CIRCL for improved information security in Luxembourg and abroad

Technical trainings made by CIRCL for improved information security in Luxembourg and abroad

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CIRCL has developed a number of trainings for its members and the organisations based in Luxembourg as part of its mission to improve national information security.

The diversity of the competences and expertise within CIRCL’s team, allows to cover a large number of trainings and topics, which targets both technical experts and non-technical staff.

“Our trainings range from the introduction to incident response, forensics analysis, penetration testing and reverse engineering to the digital privacy salon. The latter targets all citizens using IT equipment and explains how to handle secure communication tools along with good Internet hygiene and understanding of the associated risks. We usually adapt the trainings to the knowledge of our audience”, explains Michael Hamm from CIRCL.

The goal of these courses is not only to allow participants to help their own organization but the country’s overall security. “The fact that the technical staff from companies located in Luxembourg are prepared for Incident Response is a great help for us. We believe it is important these teams own the adequate knowledge and are able to react properly every time they are facing an incident. It is our mission to prepare them”, says Michael.

These trainings are held on-demand and regularly in Luxembourg and are currently being extended to the international network. On September 23rd and 24th, Michael Hamm from CIRCL, and five other trainers, will be carrying a course organised by ENISA in Estonia, titled “Train the Trainers”. This event aims at providing potential trainers of the EU national and/or governmental CERTs with a training opportunity. It will also give participants the chance to meet their peers from different countries, discuss about best practices and experiences.

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