AIL - Analysis Information Leak framework - Training Materials

AIL - Analysis Information Leak framework - Training Materials

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  1. Introduction
  2. AIL Virtual Machine
  3. Starting AIL
  4. Bug Report or Issues
  5. Updates

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AIL framework - Framework for Analysis of Information Leaks

AIL is a modular framework to analyse potential information leaks from unstructured data sources like pastes from Pastebin or similar services or unstructured data streams (such as Tor hidden services). AIL framework is flexible and can be extended to support other functionalities to mine sensitive information.

AIL Virtual Machine

Login and passwords for the VirtualBox AIL image are the following:

Web interface (default network settings):
Login: admin@admin.test/Password1234
Shell/SSH: ail/Password1234

If you want to convert the image from VirtualBox to Parallels:

  • Get ovftools from VMware:
  • Convert image: /Applications/VMware\ OVF\ Tool/ovftool –lax AIL_v@4986352.ova ail-training.vmx
  • Open ail-training.vmx in Parallels
  • It converts and starts the image and it is ready to be used on a DHCP’ed IP address

Starting AIL

By default, AIL is installed but it’s not started by default. If you want to start it, you just need to logon with the credentials above.

Then, you’ll see a message Starting AIL CLI, 3 seconds to escape. If you press a key, you’ll be in the shell of the machine. If not the default administration tool of AIL is started.

If don’t press any key, you’ll be in the AIL CLI. In order to start all services, you need to select (1) Redis, (2) LevelDB, (3) Logs, (4) Queues and (5) Scripts. Then press enter, all the AIL services will start. If you want to see any service output, you can attach to the gnu screen session of AIL. screen -ls will give you the list of started screens.

By default, the system is not fed with any data. You can either contact us by having access to the collection feed or use other tools to feed AIL.

Bug Report or Issues

AIL framework is a free and open source software available at If you encounter any issues, bugs or you want to contribute, free free to open an issue.


  • 6th September 2019 - Training in Luxembourg added
  • 27nd November 2018 - Training in Luxembourg added
  • 3rd July 2018 - Training at Pass The Salt conference
  • 13rd June 2018 - New training in Luxembourg
  • 22nd June 2017 - First release