Pandora Document and File Analysis

Pandora Document and File Analysis

Pandora is an analysis framework to discover if a file is suspicious and conveniently show the results. Pandora provides a convient content preview interface for large document including a preview of the metadata. This allows user to open files without the need to open it locally.

Can I submit sensitive documents for analysis?

Yes, by default the files are only accessible to the active browser session. The files are not shared (beside the hash lookup) with third-parties or external services.

Can I share analysed files with other parties?

Yes, you can use the Share analysis button in the overall result page to create a shareable link. By default, the pandora link are only accessible to the active session (same browser).

Can I run my private and local instance of Pandora?

Yes. Pandora is also an open source project pandora-analysis maintained by CIRCL. You can easily install and run your own pandora instance internaly without using the publicly hosted instance of CIRCL.

How to access the publicly accessible pandora instance?

The service is publicly accessible to everyone.