Convention Used in This Book

code block or value

  • Used for variable, function or menu names in MISP.

Example Organisations

As MISP is a platform to support information sharing, example organisations are often used within this book.

A set of users and organisations are used in the different examples.

The following two organisations are regularly used as example:

  • Setec Astronomy with UUID 58d38339-7b24-4386-b4b4-4c0f950d210f
  • Acme Finance with UUID 58d38326-eda8-443a-9fa8-4e12950d210f

Starting from MISP 2.4.71, the example organisations with the above mentioned UUID are black-listed to avoid
large distribution of sample events while testing a MISP instance. If you want to test your distribution, the
sample organisation black-listing can be removed in Administration under Manage Org Blacklists.

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